CVMT  is proud to provide the highest level of professional mortuary transportation to at-need providers in The State of North Carolina.

Catawba Valley Prides ourselves on the passion we have for what we do! With over 7 years of experience in this industry, we have grown to understand the needs of many funeral homes, and their clients, as we strive on a continued basis to evolve with you in order to meet your every need, and request.

Affordability is a high concern we have for our clients. We make sure you receive the best possible rate structure offered, with NO concern of service! We have structured our rate system in a way that has changed the way our current client list perceived a Removal / Transport service to be, and were very happy to be doing so!

Catawba Valley settles for NOTHING less then the best! Our Family of Team members are ready 24 hous a day, 7 day a week to handle your first call needs. 

We are happy to offer not only Transportation needs for you, we can also handle your phone lines over night while you and your staff gets needed rest, allowing everyone to be refreshed during business hours for your families.

Catawba Valley in a Privately owned Removal and Transportation service with Family Values. Our service offers Transportation in an out of the state, again, with extremely affordable rates!

Call us any time for a list of Funeral homes, Funeral Directors, and Medical Examiner Staff we have as references so you can hear first hand, just what we do!!

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